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Has been in the commercial Real Estate market for more than 10 years, with vast experience in:  office space, residential and business center rental. GFISA administrates more than 110 000 sq2 of office and apartment space in 19 different buildings in Panama City and Medellin, Colombia. The team of expert accountants, attorneys and contractors working hand on hand with the Customer Service Department to make your stay at your space as smooth as possible.

P.H. Torre Global Bank

Calle 50 Y Calle 58 Este

Office 35-01 Floor 35

Panama City, Republic of Panama

(507) 282-5500

P.H. Century Tower

Ave. Ricardo J. Alfaro

Office 20-07, Floor 20

Panama City, Republic of Panama

(507) 280-4300

(507) 280-4301

P.H. The Ocean Club

Calle Colón

Office Wing Floor 6

Panama City, Republic of Panama

(507) 202-0202


P.H Waldorf Astoria

Calle Uruguay

Office 19-02, Floor 19

Panama City, Republic of Panama

(507) 830-1843

(507) 6252-6939

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